Bella Rose (6 YO) and Buddie Boy (9 YO)


Are you ready…ready to read all about a dynamic duo? I hope so because we are Bella Rose and Buddie Boy, two awesome inseparable Puggles that you can’t help but love!

I’ll start because I like to be in charge, not in a bad way, but someone’s gotta take the lead! My name is Bella Rose and I am a beautiful 6-year-old Fawn girl with a love for cuddles and chew toys. I can multi task and chew on a toy while snuggled up close to you! I am an expert at going potty where I am supposed to. I walk very nicely on a leash and I don’t pull at all. I have great mealtime manners. I eat my food and don’t try to get into anyone else’s bowl. Buddie Boy and I chill in the kitchen when no one is home. We are so good that we don’t need no stinkin’ crate! At bedtime, you will find me buried in the covers on my foster human’s bed!  To summarize, I’m a house trained, snuggly girl that loves chew toys and Buddie boy of course!

If Bella Rose can quit jabbering for a minute, I’ll tell you all about myself! My name is Buddie Boy and I kinda of just go with the flow 9-year-old guy. Bella Rose likes to be in charge and I am cool with that because I love her so much! We are very similar. I am house trained and walk very nicely on a leash. I eat my food pretty fast, but I leave everyone else’s food alone. Toys…I can take em or leave em, but Bella Rose usually takes them when I leave them. I am a little more of an adventurer in the backyard and like to explore. I sleep in the big bed at nighttime and don’t disturb anyone. We are quite the pair, always up for snuggles and walks.

So…if you are looking for a dynamic duo to add to your life, you found us! Why have one Puggle, when you can have two awesome Puggles?!?

Go to the DFW Pug Rescue website and fill out the application. Make sure you put our names as the Puggles you want to adopt, Bella Rose and Buddie Boy!


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We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization that rescues ALL PUREBRED pugs regardless of age or medical condition.