Hi! Chubbs, the 9-year-old fawn Pug here to tell you all about me in hopes you will take me home with you! I know once you hear how amazing I am as see my adorable pictures, you will be insisting on meeting me! There could even be a line of people just for me…wouldn’t that be amazing…

First things first…I am a super sweet, amazing guy. My foster family says “sweetest Pug ever” and I would have to agree! I am house trained and I do my “business” outside. I like to sleep on a doggy bed and have been found to share my bed with other pups because I am nice that way! I walk on a leash well and am very polite at meal times. I do get eye drops daily because my eyes get dry and we don’t want that.

Surely, after reading how amazing I am you are ready to meet me in person! Get those fingers typing and fill out an application.  Make sure to put my name as the Pug to meet: CHUBBS!



About Author

We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization that rescues ALL PUREBRED pugs regardless of age or medical condition.