Blaine – Blaine is living with his new mom and puggie sister in Dallas. His mom thinks that he is the most handsome boy in the world and just loves her little pack o’ pugs. Hooray for Blaine!

Haney – This popular boy is living happily with his new dad in Plano. Haney is such a great little guy and I know he is very loved. Have a fantastic life, sweet Haney!

Nike and Miss Bubbles – Nike and Miss Bubbles were adopted together by a wonderful pug-loving family. They are living with their new mom and dad in Newark, TX and have a big yard to pug around in. Woo hoo for Nike and Miss Bubbles!

Baby Vino – Sweet Baby Vino is living with his new family (past DFWPRC adopters) in Addison. They had to send their first rescue pug to the Bridge in January of this year and were very excited to welcome a new puggie bundle of joy into their family. Happy tails, Baby Vino!

Bennett – Can we say FOSTER FAILURE?!? Bennett was being respite fostered by a new foster family, the Crawfords….and they just couldn’t stand to have him go. Welcome to the Foster Failure Club, Crawford Family! Hooray for Bennett!

Mater – WOO HOO!!! Mater is now living in Houston with his new mom and dad and his lab brother. They drove up on Saturday specifically to meet Mater and fell in love with him at the Pugway. I talked to them today and he is doing really well. 🙂 He traveled well in the car for the long drive home, is getting along well with his brother, and loved sleeping in the bed last night. Have a wonderful life, Mater!!!

Koga – Koga is now living in Arlington with his mom, dad, and 13-year-old cat sister. Koga is such a cool, smart, guy…this family is really going to enjoy his tricks. Yay for Koga!

Gretel – Gretel is living with her forever family in Forney with her pug brother, 3 cat brothers, 7-year-old 2-legged brother, mom and dad. They fell in love with her and adopted her straight from the vet clinic. Woo hoo for Gretel!

Rucker – Rucker is now living in Oklahoma with his new mom and dad and recent DFWPRC adoptees Princess Di and Violet. Yay! They decided that they wanted a trio of pugs….of course! His mom spent a lot of time with him at the Pugway and decided that he was the one. I talked to her today and she said that he is getting along well with Princess Di and Violet. Violet, of course, let him know immediately that she was the boss and, like a good puggie boy, Rucker graciously accepted this arrangement. 🙂 Hooray for Rucker!!!

Kalinda – Kalinda is now living with her new family outside of San Antonio. Her new mom has been wanting a pug for a very long time. They were such a sweet family to work with. They drove up today to meet sweet Kalinda and their faces just lit up when they first laid eyes on her. Happy tails, Kalinda!

Davina – Davina is now living with her new mom and 2 cat brothers in Duncanville. She came to the Pugway to meet lovely Davina and decided that she was “the one.” I checked in with them today and Davina is getting along beautifully with the cats and settling in very well. Yay for Davina!

Mighty Mouse – Mighty Mouse is living with his new family in Fort Worth. His mom was at the Pugway representing Rahr and decided that she just couldn’t leave without him. So happy for Mighty Mouse!!!

Sir Duke – Sir Duke is living with his new family in The Colony with his “bug” sister. Thank you, Laurie, for handling this adoption!

Puggy Sue – Can we say “foster failure”? Congrats Vanessa, James, and Puggy Sue!!!

Duffie – Duffie is living with her new dads and past DFWPRC adopters in Desoto. They love her little toothy grin and are head over heals for her. Hooray for Duffie!

Beebow – Beebow is living with her new mom and dad in Dallas. They have been recently transferred to the DFW area from Ohio and can’t wait to come to some of our events. I’m sure that Beebow will be able to show them around town. Yay Beebow!!!

Splash – This handsome guy that won so many of our hearts at Project Pugway is now living the good life with his new mom in Duncanville. Have a wonderful life, you gorgeous boy!

Killian – Killian is living large with his new mom and dad and pug brother in The Colony. He and his brother are best buds and they are so happy that they decided to expand their pug pack. Woo hoo for Killian!

Chavis – After quite a long wait, Chavis’ new family came to meet him and ADORE him! He’s now living with his new mom and dad and pug mix brother in West Monroe, LA. They drove a long way to meet him and say that it was more than worth it. So happy for sweet Chavis!

Sanka – Sanka will be “keeping it weird” in Austin with his new mom. She’s been waiting for him to finish up his heartworm treatment and now he’s heading home to start his new life. Hooray for Sanka!

Kabuki – This sweet girl is now living with her new mom and dad (past DFWPRC adopters) and her pug brother in Decatur. It was a whirlwind adoption and they think that she’s just the sweetest girl. Thanks, Sandy, for handling just one more meet and greet today! Yipppeee for Kabuki.