Doocey – Doocey is living with her new mom, dad, dachshund sister, and mix brother in Valley View, TX. The picked her up as soon as she completed her heartworm treatment and adore her. Hooray for Doocey!

Ms. Delilah – Ms. Delilah is now living with her new mom and dad in Granbury. They are pug lovers, came to Pug-O-Ween, and fell in love with that beautiful girl. She is doing great in her new home and her mom told me that she can’t wait to bring her to Pug-O-Ween next year! They adore her. 🙂

Baby Babbi – Baby Babbi (now known as Miley) is living with her new mom and dad (past DFWPRC adopters) in Granbury. She has adjusted wonderfully to her new home and her new family couldn’t be happier to have her in their lives. She’s been such a big girl with pottying outside and loves chasing and biting her kitty brother, Crosby! Haha! She sleeps in her parents’ bed every night and has migrated from sleeping on the pillow to now sleeping on their legs. She loves going to work with her new mom everyday and is the belle of the ball there! She is the sweetest cuddle pug and loves to lay on the couch or in mom’s lap when she’s studying for school. Her favorite game is fetch, she sits with manners while waiting to be fed, and is an absolute doll. Hooray for Baby Babbi!

Lottie – Lottie is living with her new mom, dad, and 11-year-old pug brother in Arlington. This sweet couple wanted another pug to love and Lottie was their girl! She’s doing great in her new home and they couldn’t be happier. Yay!

Nico – Nico is living with his new mom and 2-year-old pug sister in Arlington. Nico and his sister are getting along VERY well. They play, play, play…and then collapse into a pug pile. Happy tails, Nico!

S’more – Foster failure alert! The Hutson family has decided that they just can’t part with sweet S’more, so they are making her a permanent member of their pug pack. Congrats, Hutson family and S’more!

Pepe – Pepe is now living with his new mom, border collie sister, and cat brother in Dallas. His mom saw his sweet pictures online and just had to meet him. Pepe worked his charm and she just knew that he was the one. She thinks that he is the most DARLING pug in the world and is so happy to have found him. Hooray for Pepe!

Olly – Olly is living with his new family (past DFWPRC) adopters and pug sister in North Richland Hills. They were so excited to meet him! He loved the kids and was fast friend with his pug sister…two playful pug peas in a pod! Have a fantastic life, Olly!

Bundy – Bundy is living with his new family and 14 year old daschund brother in Fort Worth. They were so excited to meet Bundy….and raced over to Sandy’s house as soon as they could. They fell in love with his sweet spirit and adopted him on the spot. Yay, Bundy!

Elton – Elton is living with his new mom and dad in Dallas. This wonderful pug boy stole their heart and they adopted him on the spot. So happy for sweet Elton!

Beebow – Beebow is living with her new family and pug brother in Plano. She now has two adoring kiddos to play with and has been enjoying the daily walks. Have a fantastic life, sweet Beebow!

Samson – Samson is living with his new mom, dad, and pug brother in Haslet. He now has a HUGE yard to run and play in and is loving life. Happy tails, sweet Samson!

Cocoa Latte – Cocoa Latte is now living with her new mom in Dallas. All of the adoptions are special…but this one was very touching. The elderly woman that adopted sweet Cocoa recently had to send her senior pug to the Bridge. She doesn’t have family and has been lost without her pug. She found DFWPRC and knew that Cocoa Latte was her girl when she laid eyes on her. This poor lady had been so sad about the loss of her pug that she hadn’t even been sleeping in the bed that she shared with her pug. The entire retirement complex was mourning the lost of her pug right along with her. On the day that Cocoa Latte was delivered to her home for the meet and greet, this sweet woman opened the door all dressed…make-up on…ready to meet her new pug girl. She had a purpose again. She fell in love and I don’t think that Cocoa’s paws have touched the floor since. Cocoa Latte came to us from a past full of neglect. And now, she is the Belle of the Ball at this retirement facility. She will truly have a fantastic life. 🙂

Winslow – Winslow is now living with his new family in Red Oak. This was another family that recently had to send their senior pug to the Bridge and couldn’t wait to welcome a new pug into their home. Winslow loves the big yard to run in and has just made himself at home. Hooray for Winslow!

Buttercup – Buttercup is now living with her new family (past DFWPRC adopters) and chi brother in Southlake. They were so excited to meet her and fell in love with her sweet spirit. Yay for Buttercup!

Dingo – Dingo is living with his new family in Arlington. This family was so excited to meet Dingo that they rushed over to Dallas as soon as they could to meet him. He’s such a sweet boy and they just ADORE him. Happy tails, Dingo!

Elleanna – Can we say FOSTER FAILURE?!? Joann succumbed to the sweet puggie love that Elleanna was dishing out and made her a permanent member of the Meriwether family. Congrats Joann and Elleanna!

Suzie Sue – Yep, we have another FOSTER FAILURE on our hands! Keena has fallen for Suzie Sue and the rest of her pug pack is completely on board. Suzie Sue fits right in and couldn’t be happier. Contrats Keena and Suzie Sue!