Mason – Foster failure alert!!! Mason’s foster dad, Nick, decided that Mason was already home. 🙂 I’m positive that Mason agrees completely. Congrats, Nick and Mason!

Hendrix – Hendrix (his new name is Bishop) is now living with his new mom and 6-year-old Boston terrier sister in Carrollton. He’s doing great! He’s getting along great with his boston sister and really enjoys going for his their walks. Way to go, Hendrix! And thank you foster mom, Natalie, for getting him ready for his new life!

Godiva – Godiva (her new name is Echo) is now living with her new family in Wylie….and she’s doing great! This family has been pug sitting a sweet little female pug for a little while and has really fallen in love with the breed. Godiva and the other female pug get along great and the family is really enjoying of having some pug love of their own. Happy tails, Godiva! And thank you foster mom, Shelley, for getting her ready for her new life!

Lucy Lui – Lucy Lui is now living with her new mom, 5-year-old pug sister, 3-year-old pug brother, and 13-year-old parrot brother in Hillsboro. She is so loved! This woman has lots of pug experience and knows a lot about orthopedic issues. She has special orthopedic beds for Lucy and will be continuing her acupuncture treatments as well as physical therapy. She fell in love with Lucy Lui’s sweet spirit online and just knew that she had to meet her. Lucy Lui is going to have a fantastic life! You did it, Lucy! A special thank you goes out to foster mom Genna. Lucy Lui rehabilitated from several surgeries, underwent physical therapy and acupuncture treatments, and was loved fully under the compassionate hands of Genna for a full year. It takes a very special human being to be able to love them so much that you can let them go. Thank you, Genna, for everything that you gave to sweet Lucy Lui.

Princess Layla – Princess Layla is now living with her new family and past DFWPRC adoptee pug, Lucetta (now named Lulu.) This sweet family decided that they wanted to adopt not one, but TWO senior pugs! Enter Mayor Tom…

Mayor Tom – Mayor Tom is now living with this great family, too! Princess Layla and Mayor Tom are settling in well and Lulu has welcomed them right in. Thank you to foster mom, Keena, for taking such wonderful care of Mayor Tom while he was getting ready for his forever home. Another thank you to foster mom, Marti, for loving wonderful Princess Layla for almost a year and a half while she found the perfect forever home! Great work! Happy tails, Princess Layla and Mayor Tom!

Hot Shot – Hot Shot is now living with his new family in Allen with his boxer brother. He’s doing great! His foster mom said that she hasn’t seen two dogs become such fast friends…perfect match! Off you go, Hot Shot, and thank you foster mom, Natasha, for taking such wonderful care of him!

Karmel – Karmel is now living with his new mom and dad in Fort Worth. This sweet couple was heartsick when they applied to adopt a pug. They had to send all 3 of their pugs to the bridge in the past year. Two of them were 17-years-old and 16-year-old and were lost earlier in the year, but most recently they lost their 10-year-old pug to liver cancer. They were devastated and lost. They met Karmel and fell in love. She rescued them as much as they rescued her. So happy for this couple and for Karmel! Thank you foster mom, Sandy, for helping Karmel through her heartworm treatment!

Ronald – Ronald is now living with his new family in Fort Worth with his golden retriever brother. This family went to meet a young female pug, but Ronald was the pug that stole their hearts! He’s doing great and they are so happy with their decision. Way to go, Ronald! Thank you foster mom, Sandy, for helping Ronald through his heartworm treatment!

Simon – Simon is now living with his new family…mom, dad, pug sister and pug brother in Denton. They thought that he was soooo great that they decided to adopt…

Fat Boy – Yes! Fat Boy and Simon both got forever homes with the same fantastic family. 🙂 They are doing great and the pug pack has accepted both of them. They are learning the routine and their new mom and dad think that they are both the sweetest boys. Happy tails, Simon and Fat Boy!

Dobby – Dobby is now living with his new mom and dad in North Richland Hills. They are past DFWPRC adopters and have been missing that puggie presence in their home since their beloved Otto went to the Bridge last September. Dobby has filled the void in their home…stating “If we could have put together the perfect pug for us, Dobby would be it!” Hooray, Dobby!

Mercedes – Mercedes is now living with her new mom, 10-year-old pug sister, and 15-year-old pug brother (both DFWPRC pugs) in Dallas. She wanted to open her home to senior pugs..especially ones that have been with us for a long time. How fantastic is that?!? So, she decided to adopt not one…but TWO of these special seniors! Enter Salty!

Salty – Salty is now living with Mercedes and their new mom and puggie sister and brother. They are fitting in well and have adapted well to their new home. This woman really understand what we are doing here…and how fantastic these senior pugs are. So much love to give! So, off you go, Mercedes and Salty! Have fantastic lives!

Hayley – Hayley is now living with her new mom, dad, and pug sister in Lewisville. She’s doing great! The two puggie girls are getting along beautifully and Hayley is just a dream for them. While I was talking with him today to check in, the two girls were having an afternoon snooze after playing all morning. Yay! Hooray for Hayley!

Tonka – Tonka is now living with his new mom and dad in Denison. This family had a pug a long time ago and decided that it was time to have some pug love in their lives again. They decided that Tonka was the boy for them. He’s doing so well in his new home and him mom says, “He’s the best dog EVER!” Happy tails, Tonka!

Brice – Brice is now living with his new mom and dad in Dallas. This handsome boy is doing well in his new home and his dad has really bonded with him. He says that he’s a super sweet boy and is very happy. Yay, Brice!

Baby Peyton – Baby Peyton is now living with her new family in Burleson. She came to us as a very sick and dehydrated puppy with her mom and brothers and sisters. Her two little brothers didn’t make it, but under the loving care of Joann the sisters (Baby Peyton and Baby Jodee) thrived. Her new family thinks that this tiny little cutie is the cutest thing ever. She is really enjoy playing with the children and her cat brother. Hooray for Baby Peyton!

Baby Jodee – Baby Jodee is now living with her new mom and dad and past DFW rescue pugs, Ozzie and Miss Millie, in Dallas. Ozzie is a very protective pug brother and always knows where Baby Jodee is in the house. Her mom and dad think that she is the cutest, smartest little thing and are so happy that they were able to adopt her. Yay, Baby Jodee!

Barclay – Barclay is now living with his new mom and dad (past DFWPRC adopters), yorkie brother, and pomeranian brother in Melissa. Poor Barclay had been through a lot with us, but after some major dental work and the help of some great fostering, Barclay was ready to find his forever home. This sweet family was up for welcoming this sweet, blind guy into their home and he’s doing great! They are amazed to watch him map the house and really make it his own. Happy tails, Barclay!

Caprice – Caprice is now living with her new mom and dad, pug brother (past DFWPRC rescue), and Japanese chin sister in Richardson. She is doing great and really fitting in to the pack. She comes out of her shell more and more every day. Have a fantastic life, Caprice!

Liana – Liana is now living with her new new mom and 16-year-old 2-legged brother in Flower Mound. Sweet, little Liana is just adored. She is a snuggle pug and has done beautifully during the transition. This family was looking for a little cuddle pug to share their lives with and Liana just fits in perfectly. Way to go, Liana!

Hero – Hero is now living with his new family, pug brother, and pug sister (past DFWPRC rescue) in Allen. This handsome boy won them over immediately and his transition has been flawless. The pugs in the house have accepted him beautifully and he’s such a good boy. He loves sleeping with their youngest daughter all night long…all snuggled up. Hooray for Hero!

Gilley – Gilley is now living with his new dad and 3 pug brothers (one of which was adopted from DFWPRC) in McKinney. Perfect match! His new dad says that he’s the best boy and learned the doggie door in 10 minutes. All of the pugs are getting along great and Gilley is really enjoying his new home. Yay, Gilley!

Two-Lup and Huntington – Two-Lup and Huntington are now living with their new mom, cat sister, and pug mix brother in Dallas. This woman met Two-Lup at the park while being walked by her foster mom and she fell in love with her. She immediately went home and filled out her application. She decided that she also wanted to meet Huntington and there you have it! He has a new forever home, too! They are doing great and love to go to the park together. Hooray for Two-Lup and Huntington!