Hi, my name is Pearl Krabs!

They say that it takes a special person to adopt a special pug, but I like to think it’s the other way around! They call me Pearl Krabs, and like my namesake, I’m a rare little gem of a pug who is learning to embrace all the joy that life has to offer! You see, I spent the first 8 years of my life in the confines of a puppy mill where I didn’t get exposure to all the things a happy pug should, so I am still learning all the neat things this world has to offer! So far, I have definitely decided I love my foster family and am quite the shadow – so much so I tend to forget where I am going and trip them up! I also love to snuggle them in the big bed (my foster mama says I’m “as sweet and cuddly as can be” – but if they’re not around, I make do and cuddle my pug brother, so I definitely would love a home where my people or other doggies are home a lot! I’ve also decided I love my ball and will play a MEAN game of fetch for about 15 minutes – but those toys that squeak are scary!

I have a teenage human brother here that I love to play chase with, and I tend to love everyone I meet so my foster mama thinks I would be okay with younger kiddos, though I might accidentally get under foot! I also do really well on my leash, ride in the car like a good girl, and had fabulous manners during a recent hotel stay! I come when I’m called and I even had a blast at the dog park – I didn’t really play much with the other dogs, but just being around them put me at ease – plus there was a lady there handing out Frosty Paws and that was FAR more interesting to me!

I’m also full of character – when you pick me up, I start swimming my little legs to help, and when you’re setting me down, I start swimming them even faster! My Foster Mama says it’s just about the cutest thing she’s ever seen! I also have supersonic hearing – I’ll tilt my head for a sound so far, I even fell over! I’m also doing my best to conquer potty training! It can be a little confusing for a mill dog, but I’m a determined little gal so I have mastered going every time we go outside and I am currently working on “holding it” – I know with a little love and consistency, we can get it down!

My foster mama also suspects I don’t see super well in low lighting (that’s what my awesome hearing is for!) and I also have disk disease, which means I’ll never be able to jump on the bed or couch, but I can navigate stairs and pet steps pretty well! I’m even doing acupuncture treatments and doing great! I don’t make much noise either, though I’ll sometimes join in if my brother gets going!

All in all, I am a great little pug in need of a great little home of my own! A home that can spends lots of time with me and that I can shower with my affection – so that I can finally have something I never thought I’d get in all 8 years: a family. Click here to fill out an online adoption application.

Pearl Krab, Adopt Me!