I recently adopted Hemingway, my fourth pug and third rescue through DFW Pug Rescue. As a single mom juggling two active boys, their hectic sports schedule, and a full time job, that doesn’t leave much time for caring for anyone else; but pugs are like potato chips…you can never have just one! After our sixteen year old pug, Mazy made the journey to the dog park in the sky, we felt a void in our hearts and at our feet. Mabel, our twelve year old pug needed a friend simply to avoid being over-loved and smothered by my boys who were fighting over whose bed she slept in, who read to her at night, and who had the privilege of walking her. hemingway2Our pugs have been a part of their lives since they were born, serving as dedicated baby nurses, patiently allowing them to tug on ears and curly tails as toddlers, comforting them after every bump and bruise, and of course, dutifully cleaning up the floor every night after dinner.  We love that each of our pugs has had a very distinct personality. Doug, the pug, was loyal and playful while Mazy girl was docile and wise. Mabel is authoritative and outspoken; and we are enjoying getting to know Hemingway who has boundless energy and a passion for collecting socks! It is true what they say. Pugs shed once a year, all year, and our vacuum does get a workout. Mabel snores louder than a grown man, and we all laughed when Hemingway surprised himself while “tooting” his own horn (if you catch my drift!). However, these eccentricities are easily overlooked when they tilt their little pug head, wink at you with their big, round pug eyes, and curl up with you on the couch that you swore you’d never let them on. Now that my boys are older, we are looking forward to fostering pugs in need as they search for their forever home. I can hear my friends and family now. “Are you nuts? Don’t you have enough to do?” Well, you’ve heard of the “crazy cat lady.” I guess I’m just a crazy pug person. What can I say?  We’re smitten, and we know you will be too.