It has been a little over 1 year since my husband and I adopted Della Marie and Gus (former name Vizio).

I have loved pugs for a very long time, and I often imagined what it was going to be like to have one of my own someday. My husband, Spencer, knew how much I cared and adored this breed of dog and decided that he wanted to surprise me with a pug for Christmas. So, my husband began his mission and found DFW Pug Rescue. Molly from the rescue was courteous and eager to help guide Spencer thru the adoption process. He soon learned that there was a young pug named Vizio staying at a pug foster home with Judy in Ft. Worth that was available. But there was one little possible problem with adopting him. Vizio was attached to another pug, Della Marie. They met at the foster home and became very close. They advised Spencer of the situation and that it might be hard to separate the two of them. He informed me about the possible adoption and of course I was thrilled! I never thought that I would be getting two little puglets! And so, we did. We brought them home and have loved on them ever since.

We are very grateful for our puggies!  Thank you for bringing them into our lives.  They fill our hearts with joy!

Pugs and kisses,
Della Marie, Gus, Keri, and Spencer

Here are some of my favorite photos of our family. The one of the 4 of us, is from Pug-O-Ween! 🙂