What can you do to help the pugs and DFW Pug Rescue’s mission of “Leave No Pug Behind?” Be a foster! We are desperate for foster homes for these sweet pugs who long for a new life of stability, love, and caring.

What does it mean to be a foster for a pug in our care? Fosters provide a home for the pug just like you do your own pugs/companion animals. A foster pug becomes one of your family during their stay. You provide the home, the love, the food, and the companionship. DFW Pug Rescue provides the medical care. If you work during the day and your foster pug needs to see the vet, we will tap our transportation volunteers to help get your foster pug to the clinic and back home to you.

What does it mean to be a foster for a pug in our care? Well folks, it’s a journey – a journey of being the best human family for that foster dog – a world that may be foreign to that particular pug. Depending on your foster pug’s history, it could be a slow journey; but more often than not, our foster pugs adapt readily to the loving homes DFW Pug Rescue Fosters provide. Most foster pugs are ready for adoption in a matter of weeks, if not days.

It is often a journey of firsts for you and your foster pug, all of which make your heart and face smile: the first time the pug relaxes on your lap even if only for a few minutes, the first time he licks you, the first time you recognize she trusts you, the realization that his coat is responding to higher quality food and becoming soft, the first time she comes away from eating a treat with a SMILE on her face, and the first time he greets you at the door to let you know he missed YOU! It is a Journey of Joy.

Are you ready to join us on this journey? If so, please apply here. You will not be alone. DFW Pug Rescue volunteers have years and years of experience in DFW Pug Rescue. Have a question? Your fellow pug-loving fosters are at the ready to help you and your foster pug. Don’t hesitate to ask. There are pugs currently at our clinics are eagerly waiting to be released into a foster home – your foster home. You are needed! Try it out as a foster. What do you have to lose? OK, your heart. But besides that, really what do you have to lose?!