Hi everyone! My name is Lil’ Bit!  My Foster Momma says that I’m a “Lil’ Bit Chunky”.  I know she loves me all the same!   While I LOVE to play with my fur sisters, we play and run and run out in the backyard….I follow my Foster Momma everywhere she goes!  I don’t like to be too far away from her!  We snuggle in bed and I love to be under the covers right next to my Foster Mom.  I love to love and be loved, but not by strangers!  Oh no no no.  Stranger danger, and so I bark loud to protect my fur sisters and Momma.  But once I get used to those strangers and know everyone is OK, I allow them to stay and I quit barking. I love to play and have lots of energy, but like to be calm and be combed.  Momma has a brush and that feels REALLY good!  As Momma calls me….Lil’ Bit Chunky, I weigh 19 lbs.  So my weight needs to be managed ‘cuz I’m only 3 years old!  And guess what?  I am potty trained!  I either go out thru a doggy door or do my business on pee pads when Momma is asleep.  I don’t need squeaky toys…not interested…but I do like bones and treats! I’d really like my very own forever home, so be sure to fill out your application today and mention me, Lil’ Bit!