Hi pug people!  My name is Posh and, being that I am 13 years old, I am a variety of pug known as “the distinguished older gentleman”.  I’m also a supersized pug weighing in at 28 lbs. More of me to love is what I say!  I’m house trained, crate trained and get along great with all my foster pug brothers and sisters.  My hearing isn’t so great anymore, but I can still see just fine.  I’m pretty much a chill dude except when there are squirrels around. I love to bark at squirrels and run around the yard chasing them.  This just proves that, although I’m an older gentleman, I still have some pep in my step.  I’m also an expert snuggler – day or night, I’m ready for snuggle time. If you’re looking for a guy to hang with during the day and snuggle with at night, mention me on your application today – Posh!

*Grinch photo courtesy of Shagly Photography