Hi! I’m Brenna Ann and I am a 1 year old pug girl. I came to DFW Pug Rescue as a former puppy mill pug with one eye.   Not long after my freedom ride to DFW Pug Rescue, I had to have surgery to remove my other eye. But you know what?!  That is not keeping me down. I have been able to use my keen sense of smell, combined with sound clues to map out the lay of the land and learn my way around the house. That includes finding the water bowls, food bowls (I LOVE to eat!) and doggy beds. I have discovered that I love to hear the toys squeak. They are so fun to play with!   And when I am not playing, I love to snuggle and give lots of kisses. Please be patient with me, I am working really hard on my potty training.    At night, I am able to sleep in the room with the other dogs in the house. I prefer to be up on a chair. When I need to go potty I will bark to let you know.   And this leash thing – well, I love to spin in circles.  I know with consistent training, routine, patience and gentleness I will get it. I know I can! I would be good in any home with other dogs (except alpha females).   So, please ask for me, Brenna Ann, on your application today.