Howdy!  We’re Coca Cola (8 YO) and Pug Boy (11 YO) and we’re a bonded pair who are the perfect snuggle buddies.  Aren’t we the cutest?!  We’d LOVE to find our forever home!  Please ask for us, Coca Cola and Pug Boy, on your application today!

I’m Coca Cola (aka Coco) and I am an 8-year-old pug girl.  I LOVE to give kisses and LOVE my toys!  I get along well with other dogs and do well in a crate.  I am a playful, loving and cuddly girl!  I do admit, when it comes to mealtime, I need to eat away from the other dogs.  The only one I trust around my food is Pug Boy but that is because I am very dependent on him.

Hey there!  I’m Pug Boy (aka Pugsy) and I am 11 years old.  I’m a big guy at 27 lbs., but I am really a gentle giant.  I am also VERY cuddly and like my sister, I love to give kisses!  My favorite thing is to get back scratches and belly rubs.  I make funny noises when you scratch my back but that just means I want more!  Like my sister, I do better eating away from the other animals.  I am the king of the house after all!  But you know what?!  I’d love to be the king of your house too!