Hi pug lovers! My name is Sparkler and I am a 4 year old fawn male. I am one of the Independence Day pugs that were rescued from a puppy mill. Being a puppy mill survivor means many things. It means you will get to witness my “firsts” for almost everything. I am a very loving boy but can be fearful or submissive at times. I may shy away from your hand at first. You see, I don’t know what real pettings feel like. Despite being fearful at times, I have shown no aggression and even wear a smile on my face when I’m running around the house or yard. I will require lots of patience with house training. I have had no house training in my past and have an issue with marking. With lots of love, patience, and teaching, I know I can work on this. I get along with dogs and have shown no aggression towards cats. I am not sure what toys are or what you’re supposed to do with them but I think I’ll come around to them! I like to play with my younger pug foster brother and he is teaching me what zoomies are! I have never been around kids before but as long as they understand to be gentle with me and to use soft voices around me, I think I will be just fine. If you don’t mind giving me some extra love and patience, then I think I am your man! Just ask for me, Sparkler, on your application today!

Photo courtesy of Karen Hutcherson Photography