August 1st, 2016: Freedom Fund Gives Pugs a Second Chance

On July 1, 34 abused and neglected Pugs were rescued from a mill breeder in rural northeast Texas. The rescue effort took 3 vans and a team of volunteers from DFW Pug Rescue and K9 Mill Rescue. When we realized the seriousness of injuries and medical needs, we turned to you for help and your response was swift and generous. Since the opening of the Freedom Fund on July 2, over 200 individuals have donated close to $30,000. Your donations are being used to provide the ongoing veterinary care and treatment for these precious Pugs. We’re excited to report that 10 have already been adopted and 3 are pending adoption!

We wish to express our deepest thanks to you for your care and support of the Independence Day Pugs. With your help they are getting a second chance at life!