Hi all! My name is Tess, better known as “Granny” I am an older lady. They say about 8-years-old but I don’t even remember! I like to walk around the house then settle in on a dog bed or rug. I also like to stand or sit by my Foster Mom. I’m around when she’s cooking. Maybe she’ll drop something? I like dinner time and can’t wait to eat! I have a hard time finding it, you see I have cataracts, good thing I have a sniffer! Don’t worry I get around just find. Well, I’m an early riser and I’ll let you know with my ‘woof woof’!  Then it’s back to nap time. I will go outside and do my business fast but sometimes I have accidents. I’m a loving girl in need of a good home. So, please put my name on your application today!