The following is a heart-warming DFWPRC story of rescue.

Noggin’s journey started with being surrendered in December to us. Truth be told, he a very sick boy and in terrible shape. His jaw was fractured from decayed and abscessed teeth, he had a mast cell tumor, heart disease and was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.

As fate would have it, Nancy Bryan graciously stepped in to help foster sweet Noggin even with his poor prognosis.
Slowly but surely, his medications started to work. With a little love and tenderness, his heart condition improved, his Cushing’s disease became under control and his fractured jaw granulated in. We were able to remove his rotten teeth and stabilize his jaw.

With a little luck and a lot of love, we are happy to announce that he has found his forever family! Brittany came all the way from Louisiana to meet him and fell in love on the spot!

We cannot thank Nancy enough for the care and love she showed to Noggin in the many months before his forever Mom came along. We are forever grateful to her and Brittany for helping give him a second chance at life.

Happy tails, Noggin! We love you!