Pleased to meet you! We are a bonded pair of lovable pug gals by the names of Spirit (approximately 9-years-old) and Juicy (approximately 6 years old). We both enjoy the company of other dogs but weren’t too sure about the cats in our foster home at first. Now, we have no problem with those funny looking animals. Both of us are house trained, enjoy laying in an open crate, playing with toys and going for walks. Spirit tends to be the dominant one who likes to play fetch and loves attention. She will even tap your arm after petting her to let you know you don’t need to stop. Juicy gets very excited when greeted but has a bit of a hearing and seeing problem so you have to get up close to get her attention. We both take medications very well when peanut butter is involved and we absolutely love children. While we have a very loving foster home, we both are just looking for our forever home. If you are looking for a couple of sweet pug gals to fill your home and heart, please fill out an application today with our names on it!


Photographs courtesy of The Boxer Gang