Hello pug friends, my name is T-Jay and I am an 8-year old, 19 pound ball of pug fluffiness. I’m a pretty laid back dude  who just goes with the flow.  There are lots of other pugs in the house and we all get along ok.  I don’t hear very well, but that doesn’t stop me from a regular pug dude.  Sometimes I get impatient if I’m not getting all the attention from my foster mama, but she reminds me I have to sit nice and wait my turn. I’m super smart so I know I have to be patient but its soooo hard some days.  And I’m pretty cute so I should get my way – right?  The reality is I’d rather be following my foster mama around than playing with toys or the other pugs. My favorite things to do involve sitting on the couch getting pets and cuddles or falling asleep in my foster mom’s arms.  Eating is also my favorite – my foster mama says she never heard me bark until she was “late” with breakfast one morning.  Hey, a pug has priorities and a little reminder never hurt anyone.  So you see, I’m a great little guy if you’re looking for a chill side-kick.  I’m super quiet, house trained and love to be near you.  Full disclaimer – my foster mama says I should mention that I LOVE to stretch and sprawl out on the human bed and that not everyone loves a bed hog – no matter how cute.  Ask for T-Jay on your application today.