Got a minute? How about a lifetime to spend with me? My name is Dingo and I am a 9-year-old handsome black Pug waiting for that special home.

My foster mom thinks the world of me! She tells me that! She says I am a professional snuggler and a perfect gentleman. I don’t seem to mind a crate, but definitely prefer to snuggle close to my human in bed.  I am the official crate inspector though! I check out everyone’s crate to make sure they are up to code.

I am also a great visitor announcer! I am the first one in the house to let you know friends or packages have arrived. I greet friends with enthusiasm and as far as packages, I sure hope they are for me! I use the doggy door like a champ! I love to go in and out and chase squirrels in the yard…I’ll catch one of those elusive creatures one of these days!

I get along with the other dogs in the house and I am gentle. At mealtime, I know where my meal ends and others begin and I respect that boundary. I do enjoy a nice stroll after dinner or really anytime. I have to secure the perimeter and watch for those mischievous squirrels you know.

Surely you have read enough to know I am one awesome Pug. I mean where can you find qualities like handsome, laidback, friendly, and squirrel hunter in one Pug? Ummmm …RIGHT HERE!

Get to the DFW Pug Rescue website and get to filling out that application and type DINGO for the pug you want to adopt!