I hear you are looking for a friend. If you are thinking about a shorter friend with a smushy face and 4 legs, I just may be the guy for you! Carlos here to tell you all about my favorite subject…ME! I am a handsome 6-8 year-old fawn Pug with the best personality.

My foster family just goes on and on about my awesomeness! I am a laid back and gentle guy with great manners. I wait my turn at mealtime like a gentleman should.  I definitely know where to do my “business” and I don’t have accidents in the house because I am a smart cookie!

My favorite place to be is curled up in a chair or on the couch right next to you. Don’t worry, I will let you be in control of the remote. I like to sleep on my doggy bed or in my favorite chair. I am not a fan of the crate, but that’s ok because I am a good boy and don’t need one! I am awesome on a leash and enjoy my strolls through the neighborhood. I am great about announcing company and am friendly when they come in.

Surely you have heard enough to know I am the perfect pup for you! If you think you need to meet me (you do), just fill out an application and put my name, Carlos, on there. I can’t wait to be a part of your family!