Are you looking for that perfect pal to make your life complete? I think today just might be our lucky day! My name is Oscar and I would love to be your perfect pal! I am a handsome and rather distinguished looking 12-year-old brindle pug gentleman.

My foster family has great things to say about me! I am a sweet and laid-back guy that seems to fit in just great and make friends easily. I really like the ladies of the house! I get along well with the dogs and I love people! I love to be right next to my person and love to be petted! I use a doggy door very well and do all “my business” outside. I am not a fan of those crate things, but no worries as I am a good pup and don’t need one!

I LOVE mealtime and I am a gentlemen and stick to my own plate. I prefer softer foods and get cheese for treats. The crunchy stuff is hard for me to chew. I love to go on walks and walk nicely on a leash. Do you like walks? I hope so!

I am an older fella and am a little hard of hearing and my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. I don’t need to have sharp senses to be your best friend. I am sweet and laid back and such a lover!  I do get eye drops on a daily basis, but am very cooperative about them so no worries there.  I had a mast cell removed and the AWESOME news is it’s benign!!

Have you read enough to know you need to meet me in person? Of course, you have! Please fill out an application and put my name, Oscar, as the pug of your dreams! I can’t wait to meet you!