Some things are meant to be together…peanut butter and jelly, chips and queso, Guiness and Pugsley??? Yep! We are Guinness and  Pugsley and we are the perfect pair, inseparable, like sister and brother…you get the picture. We love to be together, but have different personalities that we’ll tell you about.

First is me, Guiness, the 8-year-old Fawn Pug boy. I am Mr. Personality and am more outgoing than my sister is. I love to be petted and loved on, but am not demanding like those, “Velcro pugs”. I’m laid back and easy going. I do love toys and have a favorite stuffed animal I like to sleep with. (Insert awwwww) I know to do my business outside, but will occasionally mark inside with left alone and not crated. Speaking of crates, I’m a pro, but I need my sister with me. I sleep with my foster people and their doggies at night. I am a social fella and I love company, people and canine company. I really enjoy being outdoors and will explore the yard until you make me come in. I am on some ear medication and am great about taking it.

If Guiness would quit talking, I could tell you about myself. My name is Pugsley and I am a 10-year-old Fawn Pug girl. I am not as outgoing as my brother is, but I do love to be petted. I prefer things to be calm and I will sit next to you for love. I am a champ at doing my “business” outside! I am also awesome at going into my crate as long as I am with my brother. I like toys and chew bones and I am playful with other dogs in the house. I sleep with my foster family at night. Somehow, we all manage to fit on one bed! I enjoy being outdoors and exploring. Mainly I enjoy being where Guinness is.

Now that you have read about us, the dynamic duo, you can fill out an application for us!  Do not forget to put our names: GUINNESS and PUGSLEY!