Boy, do I have a treat for you…ME! My name is Denver and I am one awesome 7-year-old Fawn boy. According to my foster family, I am more than awesome…maybe fantastic, super, smart, and funny! I happen to agree with all of that! So what’s so great about me?

First of all, I am house trained. I do all my “business” outside. Secondly, I am crate trained. I am very cooperative about going in my crate and I happily sleep there. That is all-important stuff, but the best thing about me is I am a FUN GUY! I love toys and will remind you to play with me by tapping you. I am playful with other dogs and share nicely. I’m good with kids. I walk well on a leash. I am a lover too! I happily hand out sweet Pug kisses!

Of course, we all have something that makes us unique. I am anxious around stairs. I’m sure it is something I can overcome, but just a little odd fact about me. Other than that, I get a gold star for being a great Pug!  I also have mast cell which means that whenever a bump shows up on my body it must be removed as soon as possible.  

Ready to meet me? Of course you are! Just fill out the application  and don’t forget to put me, DENVER, as the Pug you want to adopt. I can’t wait to meet you!