My name is Dorthea! Aren’t I the cutest you’ve ever seen?! That’s what my Foster mama says. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m an 8-year-old gal from Mississippi! I have spent most of my life having babies. But oh my, I have been so lucky to be picked up by DFW Pug Rescue! The people here have been taking such good care of me. I had a few bladder issues but I am all better now that I’ve had bladder surgery!  I will require me to be on a special food for the rest of my life.  The doctor also said my child bearing years are over! Well, I was sort of happy to hear that. I just want to enjoy my life from here on out.

I really am a cutie, and my foster mama says I am a real beauty too. I’m a playful gal, but to be honest I’m having to learn how to play and learn all the things that are new to me. Like cuddles, I like to cuddle but it takes me a little while to adjust to my handlers. I’m learning, and I’m liking my new life. It just takes a little bit to get used to. Just please expect to be a little patient with me.  I like to chew bones, and small tennis balls. I play some with the stuffed toys too. And I don’t really like to go outside by myself, I like my foster family to come with me. I get a little upset if I’m left outside for too long. My potty training is coming along, but I sometimes forget to use the pad my mama leaves out for me. I go outside a lot during the day, so I don’t have mistakes inside.

I get along well with my foster brothers and sister. I really like the boy that lives here too and I hate it when he has to go to school. But I get really excited when he comes back home. I’m just learning how to relax on my foster mama’s lap. I really like it there and I like to get hugs too. I sleep in the doggy bed next to my foster family at night. I would probably like the big bed, if you let me try that out! I have a special food to eat so I won’t have any more bladder problems. And I like to have a bowl of food I can revisit throughout the day.  You won’t be able to resist falling in love with me once we meet, honest. I could go on and on, but in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a sweet, playful, loving gal, who just wants a family to love, I’m your gal! Don’t forget to ask for Dorthea on your application. Let’s set a meet and greet, and bring a doggy seat, because you’re going to want to take me home!