Hello, my name is LuLu!

Let me tell you about myself. I am 6 months old, 12 pounds, and a Pug mix. I enjoy walks (when it’s not too cold), playing with my foster brothers, eating, cuddling up in laps, sleeping under the covers, and meal time!! I am house trained now, but have an occasional accident when my foster parents aren’t paying attention to when I need to go out. I get treats when I go potty outside, too so that is pretty cool. I am also crate trained for when there are no humans home.

I would love to have a sibling to play with and if I could be with a family that isn’t gone all day that would be wonderful. I was a stray and am afraid of being abandoned again. I have been told that I am pretty cute. I can’t wait to meet you !!  Please ask for me, LuLu, on your application today!