If you were to look up cute in the dictionary, I bet you find a picture of me! My name is Meka and I am a 12-year-old Fawn girl Pug. I am quite an incredible girl. Aside from being incredibly sweet, I am also blind. Does that stop me from being an awesome Pug? No way! My foster mom says I am smart and after a little time, I have figured out her house so with some time and patience, I will figure yours out too!

Blind and housetrained? You betcha! I told you I am pretty amazing. Of course, I need a little help getting outside, but when I give the potty signal, I need to go. I will sit near the door or walk in circles to say its time.

No crate needed for me! I sleep in my doggy bed. Food time is very important to me and I will let other dogs no to back away if they approach my food bowl. Probably best to feed me separate to avoid anyone’s feelings getting hurt. I do walk well on a leash.

The best home for me would be a quieter one as sudden movements make me anxious. I would love a home where someone is with me most of the time. I just love sitting with my person and snuggling close. Since I can’t see, I depend on my person to be there to reassure me and love me. I am so cute; it really is easy to do! I do need eye drops daily, but that is easy as I will be right by your side already!

Ready to adopt this incredibly sweet and darling Pug? Hurry on over and fill out the application and put my name on there. That would be Meka, spelled M-E-K-A (just wanted to make sure you get the right Pug). I can’t wait to meet you!