Hello Texas!  My name is Ruebie and I am a 12 year old, laid back, velcro and gentle southern pug gal who recently had a few lumps removed from her rear end…why hide the plastic surgery tails (get it? Woof woof! 🤣) I’m all about being open, they could have removed more but were not able to, so here we are!  😁

Why waste time, let’s cut to the chase, I’m house trained, crate and leash trained, I could take or leave those stuffed toys,  couch potato is my favorite past time now days, belly rubs with cuddles and ear rubs really get my pug heart all a flutter but I gotta tell you what really melts my butter is my best friend, Popaye!

I can’t tell you how we ended up together but I can tell you that we are Peas and Carrots Popaye and I.♥️ Popaye is a beautiful 4 year old black pug, Velcro, (he got that from me) house trained (he also got that from me) crate trained and leash trained (everyone say it with me “HE GOT THAT FROM ME!”) Popaye does get very excited at feeding time, something I don’t do anymore so he gets excited enough for the both of us, and he LOVES toys so, while I couch potato it he plays.  We may seem like an odd pair but love comes in many ways, from every angle and through many doors!  If you’re looking for the perfect pair, look no further, ask for Ruebie and Popaye on your application and let’s make this holiday season the best one ever! ♥️