Can you handle the snaggle tooth? I sure hope so because I have a darling one! My name is Widget and am a 9-year-old Pug with some Chihuahua, making me a “Chug”. I am an awesome boy with a winning personality to go along with my stunning looks!

I am definitely a people dog. I love to snuggle up close and be in your lap or right by your side for love and pettings.  I am house trained and use a doggy door like a pro! I am not a fan of the crate, but I do so well left out and about, I don’t need one.  I’ll happily sleep in your bed or on a doggy bed on the floor.

I do have a few special requests. I am not a fan of other dogs and would prefer to be your one and only. I am so wonderful that I should be all you need! I am a bit of an escape artist or I call myself an explorer so please keep an eye on me when we go out.

I just know I will be the best doggy you’ve ever had so fill out that application. Make sure you put me, WIDGET, as the pug to meet!