Frosty the snowman…wait a minute…I’m no snowman, but I am an adorable cuddly 8+ year-old fawn colored Pug named Frosty! To be honest, I am kind of round like that jolly snowman lol.

If you are looking for the perfect mix of independent and snuggle, I am your guy! I love being close and being petted, but sometimes I need a little by myself time. I’ll let you know so no worries there. I am always game for those back scratches though, you know that spot right above my tail…

I am one smart Pug! I am house trained and learned to use the doggy door day one in my foster home! I walk great on a leash too. I’m not a fan of the crate, but sometime will seek refuge in there if things are too chaotic. I prefer quiet and calm so would prefer a house with older pups that aren’t all loud and crazy.  I totally know when breakfast time is and will sound my alarm off to remind you in case you dare forget!

Special needs pug? Well, kinda, but not really…I don’t really see or hear all that well, but that doesn’t stop me from anything! I’m on a high protein diet to help me lose my “winter layer”, but that’s no big deal. I’m really just an awesome Pug that is smart, handsome, and tons of fun.

Surely you are reading this and saying “How can we adopt Frosty?!”! Good news: all you gotta do is fill out an application and put my name on it: FROSTY. I can’t wait to meet you!