Everything is better with a dash of pepper so I know your life would be better with a Pug named Pepper and that happens to be me! I am a darling 10-year-old black Pug that is the sweetest thing you’ll meet.  I am a cuddly guy that has a love for three things: people, stuffed toys, and food!

I don’t see or hear very well so I need a family that will be patient with me as I learn the layout. Once I am acclimated, I am good to go. I use a doggy door in my foster home like a champ. I have the occasional miss, but that is what bellybands are for! I sleep in my humans bed all cuddled up on the pillow. I don’t need a crate because I am such a good boy! Stuffed toys are my favorite. I just love them! I love to eat. You may need to feed me separately or just keep an eye on me since I may eat someone else’s food since I can’t see. However, I sure can smell it!  Can you blame me? Food rocks!

They call me “special needs”, but my needs are simple: a lotta love and a little patience. Surely, you can handle that. I promise I’m worth it! Fill out the application, and make sure you put my name on there: PEPPER. I can’t wait to meet you!