Greetings Pug Lovers!  We’re Ladybug and Dougie Girl and we’re a bonded pair looking for our forever home!

Hi there!  I’m Ladybug and I’m a spry and fit 9 year old looking for a mellow human relationshipI’m a senior pug with vision problems, but I get around just fine because Douggiegirl leads me around.  I can use a doggie door and I am potty trained.  I love to eat even though I have only four teeth.  I have a wart on face but I’m cute as heck, especially when I’m excited and run around in circles.  Stairs and vacuums are my mortal enemies.

My name is Dougie Girl and I’m a happy 11-year-old senior Schnauzer.  People tell me I’m a Schnauzer but I self-identify as Pug.  I’m a spry and happy, playful senior who loves to lick faces, sit on laps and take care of Ladybug.  I’m quiet, well trained and able to use a doggie door.  My hobbies include chasing squirrels, taking naps and sitting on couches.

So, if you are looking for double the cuteness and double the kisses, please ask for us (Ladybug and Dougie Girl) on your application!


**Pictures courtesy of The Boxer Gang