Hello Pug World!

My name is Dawson and I’m what the pug world calls a P.I.

AKA Pug Imposter!  I am 5 years old, a bit nervous when big noises occur and I can get a little anxious if overwhelmed, but that doesn’t stop me from being playful with other dogs as long as it’s low key and not over the top, I’m not the flashy type!

I like low energy walks, it helps with anxiety and nervousness.  Meeting new people and warming up to them is the same, low key is the game for me, I’m low and slow!  So, if you’re looking for a not flashy, low and slow, take your time kind of guy you have found him!  Ask for me, Dawson on your application.  p.s. I never wanted children so a home minus those is best!