Get ready to be dazzled and amazed by the bestest Pug around: ME! My name is Griffin and I am an 11-year young fawn Pug boy. I am handsome as can be. I have the cutest face and an awesome floofy tail! But wait! That’s not all! I have an awesome personality too! I’m a fun fella that likes to make friends. I get along with the doggy and kitty friends in my foster home, but I like the humans best!

I am such a well-behaved boy. I go potty where I’m supposed to once I learned where that was. I sleep in a doggy bed and don’t need to be crated at all. I am a gentleman at meal times. I really like meal times by the way and snack time too! I walk super on a leash. I do get to breathing heavy when my walks are too long so let’s keep those short. I get some medications daily, but take them like a champ.

If you are looking for a super duper fella, you found me! How can you adopt me? Great question! Just fill out that application thing. Most importantly, put my name as the Pug you want to meet: GRIFFIN!