Who’s the puggiest Pug around? Me? Of course, it’s me! My name is Odin and I am a handsome 7ish year old fawn fella. I am a cool dude with a laidback attitude. I am not one of those “Velcro” Pugs. I respect you need your space, but I do love to sit close for back scratches!

Who’s a smart Pug? Me again? Your betcha! I have this potty thing down!  I know where to go and I go there! I am such a good Pug, I don’t need a crate! I sleep like a baby in my dog bed in the bedroom. I walk great on a leash and I play nicely with the other pup in my foster home. I am a gentlemen at mealtime. I really like food…it is like a magnet! You gotta watch me though so I don’t eat too much and become a chunky Pug.

I do take eye drops daily and I’ll be honest…I don’t like em, but the human wins every time and I get them anyway!

Ready to me the puggiest Pug? Go and fill out that application and make sure you put my name as the Pug to meet: ODIN!