Why hello there! I hear you are looking for an amazing friend to add to your life! My name is Hazel and I will happily volunteer! I am a 7-year-old beautiful brindle Puggle girl. I am the perfect blend of sweet, loving, and independent.  I am fairly selective of who I offer my affections too and seem to enjoy women over men, but with time, I think I can love anyone.

I am a smart gal that knows to always potty outside! I am content to be in my crate when you are away and will sleep in there or on a doggy bed. I love to eat of course and I have good manners. I do love my chew bones and they are mine mine mine (not a fan of sharing them)! I walk great on a leash and would love walks in the cooler weather.

My perfect home would be a calm one that understands I get nervous sometimes. A little time and patience would be appreciated as I settle in, but I’m worth it! Ready to meet me? All you need to do is fill out an application. Make sure you put me as the Puggle to meet: HAZEL!