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One-year-old Chewee can be shy at first, but quickly warms up in the care of patient and loving humans. Chewee enjoys playing fetch, tag, tug of war, and chase with the other dog in his foster home, and when it’s time to fuel up for his next play session, he “dances” in front of the fridge with excitement. We can totally relate! He is fully housetrained and communicates clearly with his foster mom when he needs to go outside. Chewee adores cuddling with humans of all ages and sleeping next to his humans in bed at night. Because he is a high-energy and social boy, his ideal forever family will offer plenty of companionship and opportunities for exercise; another playful dog in the home would be a plus! If you’d like to dance next to Chewee when the fridge opens, then submit your application today!


Fedora is a 14-week-old pug mix. He is 10 pounds of pure puppy. He is playful, outgoing, and very sweet. Fedora’s favorite things include playing with toys, chewing on benebones, wrestling/chasing other dogs, and snuggling in bed next to his foster parents. His ideal forever home would include at least one human who is home during the day to help continue his training and socialization. He would thrive having another playful pup around his size in the home. He does well with dogs of all sizes and confident cats.


Three-year-old Kiarra’s name means “bright,” which definitely reflects her twinkling eyes and her personality! This beautiful raven-colored girl is affectionate, social, and energetic, but knows how to settle into her crate when it is time to rest. Her interests include playing with toys, going for leash walks, tucking into her own large meals, and then attempting to tuck into other dogs’ large meals. Kiarra will be happiest in a forever family where she has plenty of access to cuddles, exercise, and snacks.


Three-year-old Knack is a male fawn pug with exotic apricot highlights and, according to his foster mom, a tendency to shed less than other pugs. But there’s much more to Knack than his luxurious coat! This happy-go-lucky, social boy adores human and dog companionship, enjoys playtime, and shares his toys nicely. Now that the weather is cooling, Knack is showing his appreciation for the great outdoors, and enjoying backyard romps as well as leash walks with the other pugs in his foster home. After all that exercise, Knack likes curling up next to humans or in a pug pile for a power nap. His manners are impeccable, as he is fully housetrained and is polite at mealtimes. Because Knack is a social butterfly, we believe he would do best in a forever home where he can receive plenty of attention from humans and playtime with at least one other dog in the household. We think that Knack has a knack for finding his way into the hearts of people and pups alike! If he sounds like your kind of BFF apply!


Four-year-old Puddin is 18 pounds of pure love! This housetrained and crate trained girl is affectionate and energetic and enjoys walks and playtime. Puddin’s turn offs include car rides (unless she is riding securely in a carrier) and active, big dogs, as they can be a bit scary for her. We believe that she was not exposed to many new experiences in her previous life, so Puddin’s ideal forever family will be patient and understanding while gently coaxing her to come out of her comfort zone and enjoy the best of what the pug life has to offer. Once she warms up to new people and situations, she is as loving as can be and is great with adults, older children, and other small dogs. If you’re sweet on Puddin, fill out an application for her!



dfwprc_sidebar_aboutlogoDFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc., (DFWPRC) was founded in early 1996 and Incorporated in July 1997 as a charitable, non-profit corporation for the rescue, care, and placement of unwanted, mistreated, or homeless pugs.  DFWPRC is one of the largest pug rescue organizations in the United States and has rescued and placed thousands of pugs. We rescue all purebred pugs regardless of age or medical condition.   At least 90% of our annual expenses are for veterinary care.

No Pug Left Behind.



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