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Belly Band – Large


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Do you need help with potty training your new puppy or curbing indoor markings or assistance with your elderly dog’s leakage? Pick up a belly band today!

A belly band is an effective band that is comfortable, reusable, and fashionable.

Due to the inconsistency of available sizes, please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. If you would like to help the Rescue make belly bands, sign up to be a Volunteer today!

PuppyBellyBands® for Male Dogs
Simply wrap a belly band around your dog’s waist to prevent common household accidents and keep unsightly and smelly messes from occurring in your home.

These are handmade with a 100% cotton outer shell for breathability and comfort and flannel liner for softness and absorbency. Using a maxi pad in the middle of the band to helps absorb also so you don't have keep washing. We customize our belly bands to your pug, and the fabric is sturdier and less expensive than buying them at pet stores plus all donations go directly to our rescue!

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[column size="1/2"]Measuring your pug
Measure around the dog's hips to get their girth circumference.

Calculate your pug's Belly Band size

  • XS - Up to 16" girth (XS is 18" long)
  • Small - 16" to 19" girth (S is 21" long)
  • Medium - 19" to 22" girth (M is 24" long)
  • Large - 22" to 25" girth (L is 27" long)
  • XL - 25 to 28" girth (XL is 33" long)


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