Tena 3 YO and Puggles 7 YO


Are you ready for a treat? How about 2 treats? Who could say no to a loving duo of doggies like us?! We are Tena and Puggles and we are amazing! 

My name is Tena and I am a 3-year-old Black Pug that is cute as can be! I’m gonna tell you all about myself and my favorite friend, Puggles! Puggles is a 7-year-old Pug mix gal! We are awesome in so many ways. We are both house and crate trained, but will happily sleep with our people too! We love mealtime, but have good manners about it. Do we like walks? Bring out a leash and we’ll show you how much we like walks! We both do well with kids of all ages and seem to get along with other dogs and possibly cats! We are like sisters so where I go, Puggles goes and where she goes, I go. We would love to join your family and bring smiles and laughs to it. All we ask is to be adopted together and you provide lots of love and treats of course!  Just fill out an application and ask for us, Tena and Puggles!


About Author

We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization that rescues ALL PUREBRED pugs regardless of age or medical condition.