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Are you a pug-lover … possibly even a pugaholic? You are definitely not alone. There are many others crazy for pugs. Volunteers are the backbone of any nonprofit organization. They not only save the organization money, but time. Time to get many important things done that might not have otherwise been possible. Our rescue is run by folks who generously volunteer their time, their homes and their hearts in order to help.

We are in need of volunteers in a variety of areas including, but not limited to the categories below.  Click the small red icon to open each one.

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Events & Fundraisers

We host a number of events and fundraisers throughout the year, not the least of which are Pug-O-Ween and Pugapalooza. As these events approach, we send out a volunteer request detailing the event and how many volunteers we need. Speak up if you can help out and we will put you to work! Got fundraising ideas? Let us know! We are also always open to fundraising suggestions.


DFW Pug Rescue brings in, on average, 10 dogs per week. Our dogs come from shelters, animal control, owner surrenders and pugs found as strays. In order to bring pugs into rescue we need available foster homes to place them, until they are adopted. During this time, the foster family provides valuable information to us about the foster dog’s behavior, temperament and health as well as how they adjust to a home environment.

Learn more on the Foster page.


Pugs come to us from shelters, veterinarian offices, private homes near and far, and off the street.  There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t transport a pug to or from a veterinarian’s office!  Pugs need transport to our events.  Transportation is a very active group with DFW Pug Rescue. We are frequently in need of volunteers to meet transport or drive to pick up dogs. Sometimes we get notification of a dog that needs to be picked up within hours so it is vital that your information is accurate. The only requirement is you must have a VALID drivers license.


Learn more on the Transportation page.

Social Media, Newsletters & Website

DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc. tries to maintain a very active social media presence. We need volunteers to help monitor and maintain our social media pages.

Know your way around the web? We are hard at work updating our website and try to send out a monthly newsletter to keep our supporters informed. We need volunteers to help write stories, take pictures, and participate in the publishing of our newsletter and blog.

Crafty Club

This group is comprised of volunteers that create items for us to sell at our events. They are also available to create items that we need for our rescued pugs, for example: belly bands. You don’t necessarily need to be creative to help in this area. We have some volunteers that have great ideas and they need assistance in cutting, sewing, gluing, etc.

We hold a “craft party” at somebody’s home for everyone to get together to create and, well – party!  If you can’t attend a craft party, we can arrange to get the materials to you. When you are finished with the task, we will arrange to get the items back to the volunteer in charge.

DFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc. is a non-profit organization. All donations go directly to the rescue, care and placement of unwanted, mistreated and homeless pugs. While we have lots of fun with our pugs, please keep in mind that RESCUE is our number one priority. Everything we do regarding fundraising is to allow us to continue to rescue precious abandoned pugs.


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Volunteering with DFWPRC by Jan

Volunteering with DFWPRC by Jan

I found DFW Pug Rescue through a good friend who had been receiving newsletter e-mails from the group. Her adult son living in Los Angeles had a wonderful pug named Vinnie. Over the years, she got to keep Vinnie at her home in Carrollton when her son was sent on a long-term assignment with his […]

Special Care Giver

Special Care Giver

Blind. Deaf. Heartworm positive. Gray and white whiskers. Covered with ticks. Nothing hinders DFW Pug Rescue Club Foster Jennifer Umbright from taking in special needs and senior pugs that are seeking a loving place to begin their journey to recovery and adoption. Since beginning her volunteer work at the end of 2011 with DFWPRC, Jen […]

Fostering and Adopting with DFWPRC by Jan

Fostering and Adopting with DFWPRC by Jan

When I began volunteering with DFW Pug Rescue in early 2012, I purposely signed up for only Transportation because I already had a total of five pets in the house….plenty to handle and properly care for. Then I took on some of the Administrative duties….easy enough….I had the time since I had retired in 2011. Then, […]

Jem: Lessons in Living

Jem: Lessons in Living

The newest item in our store is a book written by our very own John Middleton. It is a story about Jem. The first dog that truly captured his heart. Jem: Lessons in Living, his memoir of their time together. John is semi-retired–if working two part-time jobs and volunteering for DFW Pug Rescue Club of Texas can be […]



dfwprc_sidebar_aboutlogoDFW Pug Rescue Club, Inc., (DFWPRC) was founded in early 1996 and Incorporated in July 1997 as a charitable, non-profit corporation for the rescue, care, and placement of unwanted, mistreated, or homeless pugs.  DFWPRC is one of the largest pug rescue organizations in the United States and has rescued and placed thousands of pugs. We rescue all purebred pugs regardless of age or medical condition.   At least 90% of our annual expenses are for veterinary care.

No Pug Left Behind.



Monthly Donation

Join our Fundraising Campaign Today to help us meet our GOAL and watch us GROW! Click Subscribe below to create a recurring monthly donation! We appreciate your support and your care for the rescue pug!

One-Time Donation

Help us rescue ALL pugs regardless of age or medical condition. Even the smallest one-time donation can make a difference. Please donate and help other pugs have a second chance at life.


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