Hamilton 7 YO


Have you heard of that wonderful musical about a guy named Hamilton? Well, that’s my name, but that’s not me! I am the famous 4-legged fawn Pug mix that is looking for my forever home. I think we could write a musical about my quest! Of course, I would play the lead!

I am a fun and friendly 7-year-old guy that loves a soft dog bed and some people cuddles too! I’m not one of those “Velcro” Pugs! I enjoy being close, but I allow you to move without a Pug attached to your limbs. I am completely house trained! Yay! I love a good romp in the backyard and enjoy my walks (harness preferred)! I have a good amount of energy and love toys and chew bones.

If you want to be a part of my life story, go to the application and put my name down as the Pug to meet: HAMILTON!



About Author

We are an all-volunteer non-profit organization that rescues ALL PUREBRED pugs regardless of age or medical condition.