DFW Pug Rescue rescues pugs from all over the DFW Metroplex, Texas, Louisiana, and New Mexico! Transportation volunteers are key to helping the pugs get into our care - the first step to finding their forever home!

Transporters move pugs between clinics, between clinics and foster homes, from animal shelters to clinics, from owners who are giving up their pugs and clinics, and occasionally to and from events. They also help us on longer hauls when the pug is coming to us from a greater distance.

We have a transportation group for the more local transport requests and we have an out of area transportation group for longer transports.

Once you volunteer, you will be invited to join the transportation group, and if you indicate on your form that you are willing to do longer transports too, then also for the out-of-area transportation group. When you see a transport request that you think you can fulfill, immediately reply to the group message and, if you can remember, to the posting director directly. The first person who can do the transport is usually the volunteer who is chosen to fulfill it.

Emergencies happen and a pug may need transport within a matter of hours. Pugs need transport seven days a week! Only available on weekends? Great! Only available on Fridays? Great! We need you! 

When transporting, it is always wise to have a crate. If you are picking the pug up from another transporter, they will expect you to have your own crate and will not give you the one they have. Always take your own leashes, water, and water bowls with you, even on short hauls (especially in the summer). If you can only do part of a transport, say so in your response and that will allow another volunteer to step in and pick it up from the location you are willing to go to. If you keep track of your mileage on transports, it is a tax deductible expense.

We appreciate the time and effort you are donating to DFW Pug Rescue and the pugs will adore you for it!

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Transporters must have a VALID driver’s license and liability insurance on their car as required by law.