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If you would like to donate in honor of a pug that has crossed the rainbow bridge and have their photo posted on this page, we ask a minimum $25 donation to include them in the “In Memory of …” section.


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As I sit here and reminisce about the countless moments we shared, my heart is heavy with the absence of your warm presence. You were not just a pet; you were a cherished family member, a loyal friend who brought boundless joy and love into our lives.  

Your playful antics and unwavering loyalty created a tapestry of memories that will forever be etched in our hearts. From the exuberant wag of your tail to the soft warmth of your fur against our fingertips, you were a source of comfort and companionship that knew no bounds. 

The house feels emptier without the click-clack of your paws echoing through the halls, and every corner holds a silent reminder of the love we once shared. But even in your physical absence, your spirit lives on in laughter, the tears, and the countless moments that defined our time together.  

You were more than just a pet; you were a confidant, a silent listener who understood the unspoken language of the heart. Your gaze held an unspoken understanding, and your presence provided solace during both joyous and challenging times.  

As we navigate this journey without you, we find solace in the knowledge that you are no longer in pain. You have crossed the rainbow bridge, and though we can no longer see you with our eyes, we feel you in our hearts.

Thank you for being our faithful companion, our source of unconditional love. The bond we shared transcends the physical, and your memory will forever be a beacon of light in our lives. We are forever grateful to DFW Pug Rescue for bringing you to us.  

Rest peacefully, our precious Ivy. Until we meet again across the rainbow bridge. 

With love, Mom, Dad, Johsua, and Alexa



To our sweet Zoe who crossed the rainbow bridge on July 31, 2023.

She was our joy for the last 14 years and will be missed. Zoe loved us deeply! She was full of personality and mischief. Our home feel,s so very empty without her.

We love you, Zoe, and hope you are enjoying all the rice and whipped cream your heart desires. 

EC (Formally TC)


February 2006 to May 2023


EC crossed the rainbow bridge on May 23, 2023.   He joins his brother Palmer who crossed the bridge on February 3, 2017.

EC loved to eat, snuggle, and go for walks.  From the moment we adopted him, EC showed how he was going to do things his way.  He was a beloved member of our family for more than 17 years, and we miss him dearly.

We love you, EC




To my beloved Annie, who crossed over the rainbow bridge on 07/03/23 to join her brother Sam. We had both pugs since they were eight weeks old.

Annie was 17.5 years old when she passed away. We miss her every day.

Her best friend, Max, needs a new friend, and we will be looking for another pug.  Annie, you will be in our hearts forever.


Barb Butto

Wayland (Lucas)


My husband and I fostered Wayland through DFW Pug Rescue Club in 2009 when he was a puppy. We loved him and wanted to adopt him but we had two pugs of our own and were about to move into an apartment that only allowed two. So, I convinced my parents to adopt him instead!

Wayland became Lucas and moved to the Memphis area. He lived a great life and was adored by an extended family of pug enthusiasts! He is very much missed.

One of the pictures is the day my parents signed the DFW Pug Rescue adoption application and the other one is his last day with Lucas.


Courtney Moser




I’m so grateful for the beautiful memories made with Shermin, a unique, loveable pug who graciously shared his life with me.  A true character embedded with adorableness that could make the grouchiest Grinch smile – see pictures in case you need proof.

Shermin’s passing hurts my heart, but that will never outshine the joy received by being his Dad.

I love you, Shermin! You truly were the best and will not be forgotten. 


Jason Spiritas




August 27, 2022


We said goodbye to our sweet Paige on August 27th.

She was our little sprite who was always joyful despite a horrible start in a puppy mill.

She was ours for 10 years – much too short a time. She will be forever in our hearts and always our good girl.

George & Lynne

Rosco Azpe


January 10, 2007  –  August 30, 2022


My sweet little dude, thank you for all of the memories and love you have given me.  You’ve supported me through everything and I love you so much.  I hope to see you again someday, my old friend, and in the meantime have fun running through the meadows with your siblings, Max and Heisenberg.

Sofia Azpe



August 20, 2007  –  September 10, 2021


Pepper – you were the best part of our lives. Everyone that knew you loved you.

We miss you terribly but know you will always be with us.

Jen Spence





In memory of our little man. I never imagined owning a pug. Now I can’t imagine my life without you.

I’m heartbroken that you’re gone but I console myself knowing that wherever you are now you can see again.

We love you !

Joe, Libby, Christian and Summer

Roscoe Happel




Roscoe – you were truly a one of a kind.  Your star burned so bright that it is hard to verbalize what you brought to our lives.

We love you and will forever remember and miss you!

Love, Steven & Todd



2010 –  2022

To my little Noodle:

You have been my constant companion, best friend, and number one fan. Who knew when you walked (very boldly) into my life a decade ago that you would be the man of my dreams?? I thank you for loving me so well.


My heart and my arms are empty without you. My shadow is gone. Try not to be too bossy out there with your new friends, my love. I will see you again one day; keep looking for me out that window, I will be there in time. And a lifetime will still not be enough.


I love you, boo.




2010 –  2022


I adopted William (originally Ray Ray) when he was 5 back in 2015.  Since then, we’ve been inseparable, spending nearly every moment together. 

He was my best pal and I’m so thankful for the time I got to spend with him. 

He’s left a pug shaped hole in my heart and I will miss him till my time comes and we are reunited.

Benjamin Johnson

Moose The Pug


2007 –  2020


Adopting  you was the best thing that I ever did. You were originally a Special Needs Pug named “Hampton” that had been hit by a car and not expected to make it. Thanks to the DFW Pug Rescue and Dr Gumfory, you were given a second chance.  I adopted you in 2010 and we became best friends right away.
Moose became a regular at the Fort Worth Dog Park where he later met his future step brother “Charlie”, a rescue sheltie.  Moose also introduced me to Charlie’s mother Elaine,  who I eventually married.  Moose and Charlie became best buddies and were well known at many dog friendly restaurants.  Moose loved meeting new  people and also made many visits to nursing homes spending time time with elderly patients.  He was a very happy little guy and never turned down a pat on the head…..or treat.
Moose passed away last year after a very full life of love and happiness.  I cant say enough about the DFW Pug Rescue for giving me the opportunity to know and love little Moose. Adopting You was the best thing that ever happened to me..
Steve Walker



2008 –  2021


We lost our sweet little guy, Winston last month.

We adopted him in 2008 and had 13 wonderful years with him.



December 2, 2009 – June 21, 2021


He was the best ambassador for DFW Pug Rescue and is missed terribly.

Forever in our hearts – The Taylors



In Honor of the Life of my little Princess MINDY, she was such a beautiful girl who offered so much love and compassion as well as companionship to those around her.

She was only around 8 when she and her sister CINNAMON were adopted from DFW Pug Rescue in May of 2016.

Words cannot describe the love you once shared as the pain of losing your sister, CINNAMON swept through our lives.

The same can be said for the pain I feel when you left this world to cross the RAINBOW BRIDGE to join Cinnamon in Heaven.

I will love you Forever and Always,


Poopsie Pickles

2011 – 2021
You were a courageous fighter who adapted to every challenge you met, and loved everything and everyone.  One special princess, and we were honored to call you ours.  Thank you for the adventures, cuddles, laughs and pure joy you brought to our lives.  It’s too quiet here without you.  —  Teresa, Trent, Jinx and Jake


10/29/2004 – 08/04/2019
In memory of Izzy – – you were so cherished by your parents and sisters. Laurie and Andres beloved pug – Miranda

Sir Buster

Sir Buster, you were the best companion I could have ever had. Thank you for blessing my life for the past decade. I love you. – Bonnie


Pudge Harrelson was adopted on August 6th, 2001. He was my 1st Pug & my son. Pudge passed away on February 25, 2012 and took a piece of my heart. I love you Pudge! – Sheri


11/12/2005 – 08/06/2018

If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever. Always in our hearts – Cory, William, Holly & Stevie

Little Richard

06/03/2010 – 11/23/2019

In memory of our little boy, thank you for coming into our lives and taking over our hearts. We miss you terribly and will love you the rest of our lives. Until we see each other again, Little Toot!


After loving this guy for 12 of his 16 years, Watson passed away today. Thank you DFW Pug Rescue for introducing us to Watson. – Peggy and Dave


In Honor of my dear Cinnamon, you were my closest companion and words cannot describe the pain of losing you, we will see each other again soon, adopted from DFW just 4 years ago, you blessed me with your unconditional love, and your adopted sister, MINDY, misses you also. Thank you DFW for allowing me to be blessed with such a kind companion
At the age of about 12, she left us way too soon but is with her maker at rest now.

Raider aka Slurpee

Raider came into our lives in November of 2014, he was a faithful best friend who kept all my secrets, my loving and constant shadow, the best bedtime snuggle pug in the world with the happiest wiggle butt ever! He found his way to the rainbow bridge September 9th, 2020 and will be forever missed and loved. Until we meet again, Slurpee


5/5/2008 – 10/19/2020

In memory of our sweet, cuddly, wonderful little boy Snoopy.
Thank you for all the love, companionship and happiness you gave us.
We miss you. We’ll love you forever!
Mindy, Rick, Louis, Reid, Wendy, Nagesh & Shimi


Marissa rescued us, not us her. She was the most gentle, loving, happy, house-broken (I will hold it until I go outside no matter what and do my potties quickly even in a rainstorm) young lady. Our senior pug, she is missed by the rest of the grumble.
Thank you all for what you continue to do for our babies. -Jerry and Shelly Koltz


In memory of my pug Luciana (formerly known as Miss Piggy). We adopted her on January 1, 2010 and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on November 11, 2020 from cancer. We are grateful to DFW Pug Rescue for bringing us together. She will remain in our hearts and memories forever. Until we met again, my sweet girl – Love Mom (Carol E.)


In memory of Dolly, foster failure and a very good girl. – Elizabeth L.


In memory of Deacon. Your parents Heather and Dustin loved you so much. Your brothers Finn and Quincey miss your guidance. It is so hard to say goodbye. Rest in peace buddy.


In memory of Shooter, adoption name Dasher. A real character that will never be forgotten.


We’ll miss you and your take charge style so much, Izzy Pickell! Thank you for blessing the Pickell family with 14 years of snuggly joy.



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