Special Needs Pug Fund

It happens more than we would like to think. The call comes in and there is a pug in horrible shape - broken limbs, gaping wounds from a dog fight, hit by a car, abandoned on a lonely country road. DFW Pug Rescue takes these pugs in without question, without worrying where the money will come from. We have faith in our rescue community that the resources to help this pug will come in. We also take in pugs who are suffering with chronic illnesses, short-term illnesses, and emotional trauma. These pugs will be in rescue for a long time, while we work to address all of the medical and emotional needs of our pugs. Although, we are fortunate to work with caring veterinarians who often discount their services, the cost of providing the medical care and treatment for critical care and chronically ill pugs can reach or exceed $5,000. For these pugs, we have established the Special Needs Pug Fund.

You can donate to this designated fund, make a difference and give a Special Needs Pug a second chance at a health, safe life.

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