Surrender a Pug

We understand there are many reasons why people cannot always keep their pets and appreciate that they look to rescue for help. DFW Pug Rescue accepts all purebred pugs into rescue, regardless of age or medical condition. We rarely take pug mixes, but we do take a few.

You will be required to complete and sign a Surrender Form, stating all known information about the pug, including medical records (if available), habits, etc. This form will also serve as your legal agreement to permanently relinquish ownership of the pug.

All pugs that come into DFW Pug Rescue are vet checked, spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped for identification, and treated for any medical conditions before the adoption process begins. We request a minimum donation of $50 to cover the medical costs. If you cannot do it at this time, please consider making a donation some time in the future.

Information that can be provided at the time of surrender is extremely important in the adoption process in order to help make a good match for the pug’s forever home.

Surrendered pugs are cared for in foster care in the private homes of DFWPRC volunteers. All pugs stay in foster care until a suitable home is found. No pug is euthanized because it does not find a home. If a pug cannot find a home for any reason, the pug will live in foster care.

If you need to surrender a pug:
Complete the Surrender Form

You will be contacted by a volunteer within 48 hours of submitting this form. Please understand that we will not refuse assistance to any needy pug, but it is essential that you provide complete, detailed and accurate information so that we can match the pug with the most appropriate foster home, and ultimately, adoptive home.

We will make every effort to help you and get your pug into a loving, safe home. Thank you so much for your patience. Please email us if you have a urgent need or situation involving a pug you would like to surrender. Please proceed with filling out the relinquish form so we will have your pug on file and can get to your form as quickly as possible when room becomes available.

If you are a breeder who is downsizing or retiring:
Even with multiple dogs to surrender, we can help. DFW Pug Rescue has a substantial volunteer base that is capable of handling large numbers of incoming dogs. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Please contact:
Owner Surrender & Intake Director Judith Wells, 817-360-5209
Email Judith

*Breeder Release* Intake Director Judith Wells, 817-360-5209
Email Judith

If you have found a lost/stray pug:
Please contact your local animal shelters and veterinarians offices prior to contacting DFW Pug Rescue. Quite often, owners of lost pets have contacted these agencies looking for their pets. Additionally, shelters and veterinarians can scan the pet to see if it is micro chipped and reunite it with its owner. We will happily accept found Pugs once preliminary efforts to find the owner have failed.
Complete the Surrender Form

If you have a Texas, Louisiana, or Eastern New Mexico pug that you wish to relinquish to DFW Pug Rescue Club, please fill out the following form:
Complete the Surrender Form

Emergencies only: call 817-481-2004