dfwpug-jan-VinnieI found DFW Pug Rescue through a good friend who had been receiving newsletter e-mails from the group. Her adult son living in Los Angeles had a wonderful pug named Vinnie. Over the years, she got to keep Vinnie at her home in Carrollton when her son was sent on a long-term assignment with his job. Vinnie was the first pug I had been around. He and her Cairn Terrier, Jack, were best buddies. Sadly, they lost Vinnie to lymphoma in August, 2011, and Jack a couple of years later.

I retired in June, 2011 and hadn’t really found my niche for this phase of my life. One morning my friend called me, asked me what I was doing and if I would like to go with her to Ft. Worth to get two pugs from someone who had posted them for sale on Craigslist. She had already contacted DFW Pug Rescue to make arrangements to meet up with a volunteer to get them into their care. Of course I went on this excursion with her! She was able to get the male and female pugs, and off we went with these precious doggies to DFW Pug Rescue. (As a side note, my friend was not in a position at the time to adopt, but wanted to help any way she could.)

The more I thought about it, the more I thought I’d like to join this wonderful group! So I volunteered for Transportation and some of the Administrative duties beginning in early 2012. I have been constantly amazed at how well this Rescue is managed, and the many sincere volunteers who help every time a request is made for Transports, Events, Fostering, Respite Care, Crafts, Fundraising….whatever is needed.

And, by the way, my friend has since adopted a bonded pair from us…Spike and Cooper….two precious boys that I get to see as often as I like.

So, you just never know what circumstance will bring a person to this group, but new volunteers are always welcome!

I like to think Vinnie brought me into the fold, so this is dedicated to him.