Double your fun by adopting two Pugs rather than one! We are Dixie Belle and Preston and we are quite the 8-year-old fawn pair!

My name is Dixie Belle and I’ll go first because I am the queen bee in this duo! I am beautiful and amazing of course! I do have my moments of grumpiness like when I am deprived of treats I think I deserve! I am otherwise a social and friendly gal. I will sleep in a crate, but I won’t be happy about it. I would prefer to sleep in a cozy dog bed. I am house trained with the occasional accident at night, but will happily use a “pee pad” when I can’t wait until morning. I love going on walks and do great on a leash. I am a fun gal and love stuffed toys with squeakers. I also love Preston so I’ll let him have a turn!

Preston here and I am also amazing. I am happy to let Dixie Belle take the spotlight and the toys! Just give me blueberries and peanut butter and I’m a happy guy! I am house trained and walk great on a leash. I love mealtime, but might need to watch my figure!

We are an amazing duo that would love to be adopted together! One Pug is great, but two Pugs would be really really great! Please fill out an application and we can’t wait to meet ya!