Shadeux (11 YO) & Little Bit (11 YO)


What’s better than one Puggle?  How about 2 Puggles?!?  No, it isn’t too good to be true! We are Shadeux and Little Bit and we make quite the pair!

I’ll start first since I am the outgoing one. My name is Shadeux and I am an 11-year-old black boy Puggle that loves meeting people and making friends. More friends means more petting and more treats so I’m all for that! I am a darling lap dog that gives kisses freely. My hobbies include playing in the backyard with my best friend Little Bit and eating treats. I am good at this potty outside thing and have it down like a boss!  I sleep in a dog bed do just fine without a crate.

My name is Little Bit and I am the shy and quiet type. All it takes is some kind words and a little patience and we will be buddies in no time. Once we are friends, I am all about being in your lap for love and affection. Don’t worry; you can fit two Puggles on your lap! I am great about going potty outside and love spending time in the back yard catching some fresh air and sunshine.

We are quite the pair. We love to snuggle together and even groom each other. If you can’t resist this cute pair, please fill out that application. Put our names: LITTLE BIT and SHADEUX and be prepared to fall in love!


**Pictures courtesy of The Boxer Gang


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