Rucker – Sweet Rucker finally made his long journey to his REAL forever home! I knew the perfect family was out there for him…and they came at just the right time. 🙂 He is now living in Saginaw with a family that ADORES him and 2 kiddos to run around with. You did it, Rucker! Now, go and have a fantastic life!

Elvira – Elvira is living with her new mom and pug brother in Dallas. She and her brother have fallen for each other and love to play and cuddle. A perfect puggie match! Hooray for Elvira!

Polly – Polly is living with her new mom and dad in Addison. This sweet couple recently lost their senior pug (who happened to have seizures) and were open to adopting another pug with special needs. Polly was a great match for them! Polly has a history of seizures and this is a perfect, loving home for her that knows exactly how to monitor this type of condition. Happy tails, Polly!

Nanette – Nanette is now living with her new mom in Hurst. This woman came to Pug-O-Ween and just couldn’t get enough of sweet Nanette strutting her stuff. She went home and immediately filled out an application. The rest is history! Yay for sweet Nanette!

Joe Henry – Joe Henry is now living the good life in Gatesville, TX with his family and pug pack. They fell in love with his handsome pug mug on the website just knew that he was the one for them. Hooray for Joe Henry!

Troy – Troy is now living with his new mom and dad in Magnolia, TX. This sweet couple was an absolute DREAM to work with and are so happy to have found DFWPRC. I know that Troy is going have an amazing life. Way to go, Troy!

Milk Dude – Milk Dude is now living with his family in Denison. He’s got a great mom, dad, 2 kiddos, and an acre to play in. They have wanted a pug for some time and now that they have their new house, they were finally able to adopt. So happy for Milk Dude!

Cameo – Cameo is now living with her new mom, dad, and pug brother in Bedford. They saw her beautiful pics and heard about her fantastic personality and just had to meet her. And, there you go! Have a great life, Cameo!

Diego – Diego is now living with his mom and dad in Addison. They are in love with him! He has been a wonderfully behaved boy and loves spending time playing and cuddling with them. He has taken over the house in true puggie style….he must know that he’s home. Hooray for Diego!

Bigsbee – Bigsbee is living with his new mom in Euless. She is a true pug lover and fell in love with his sweet pictures online. He is a very loved boy….happy tails, Bigsbee!

Fozzy – Fozzy is living with his new dad in Lewisville. This sweet man has been a pug lover for a long time and his last pug went to the Bridge not too long ago. His wife had to move to a skilled nursing facility and then, during the adoption process, she passed away. This man really needed some pug love. Luckily, Fozzy is with him now to help him heal. These two guys needed each other. Have a lovely life, sweet Fozzy!

Frankie – Frankie is now living with his family, boster terrier sister, and cat sister in Coppell. She decided to rescue a pug and a boston terrier at the same time and bring them into the house together. They are getting along beautifully and all is well with this new family! Yay for Frankie!

Pippin – Pippin is living with his new mom and dad and pug brother in Colleyville. These pug boys hit it off immediately at the Boarding Bungalow and have been best buds ever since. Hooray for Pippin!

Pippa – Pippa is now living with her new dad, pug brother and sister, and jack russell brother in McKinney. The pug sister went to meet her at the Boarding Bungalow since she would be the one to ultimately make the decision….and she approved! These two girls have been playing ever since! When they got home, the pug brother and jack russell checked Pippa out and then promptly went to take a nap. Typical boys! Congrats little Pippa!

Elmo – Elmo is now living with his new mom and dad, schnauzer sister, and cat sister in Fort Worth. Elmo came to us from a terrible hoarding situation and was a pretty timid boy. He was in a great foster home where he began to learn how to be a pug and now, in his new home, he is really coming into his own! This family has had experience dealing with puppy mill rescues and knows how to handle the various behavior issues that can present themselves. But, Elmo is thriving! He even invites himself up on the couch for family cuddle time! Have a fantastic life, sweet Elmo!

Bru – Bru is now living with his new mom, dad, and pug sister in Euless. He is recovering well from his stenotic nares surgery and is just fitting in very well. Hooray for Bru!

Osbourne – Let’s all say foster failure! Wendy and her family just had to adopt Osbourne…and their pug, Gladys (formerly Gianni) wouldn’t have it any other way. These two are seriously in love and Osbourne loves to take morning rides to Starbucks for a doggie latte treat. Oh, sweet Osbourne….you are such a lucky boy!

Gracie Burns – We have another foster failure on our hands! The first foster pug for Jennifer….and it’s a foster failure! It happens to the best of us, Jennifer…enjoy that sweet girl! Happy tails, Gracie Burns!

Dodi – Dodi is now living with her new mom and dad and pug pack in Arlington. Dodi is a pug that was adopted from us to a family that ended up not taking care of her like she deserved to be. When she came back to us, she was in horrible shape. Her eyes were in such bad condition that they were crusted over and extremely painful and her nails had grown into her pads. We ended up needing to remove both of her eyes and she she recovered in the loving care of Joann. And then enter her angels…the Lausters. This is a family that truly has the heart of rescue. Last year, they contacted us and wanted to adopt 3 of our most “unadoptable” pugs….pugs were being overlooked by other adopters. They already had one pug, Cheech, and wanted to add to their pack. They ended up adopting Purvis, Bing Bong, and LeeAnn and have been loving them ever since. When they recently heard about Dodi’s story on our Facebook page, they got in contact with us and said that they wanted to show Dodi the love that she should have been shown all along. They loved her before they even met her. As soon as Dodi had her eyes removed, she felt soooo much better! She just needed a few days to heal with Joann…and then she was ready to meet her family. And so, Dodi’s story has a happy ending. She now sees with her heart…and she sees a family that treasures her beautiful spirit and loves her deeply. This is rescue. This is love. This is Dodi’s story. Happy tails, sweet girl. 🙂

Macaroni – Macaroni is now living with his family pug sister and cat sister in Fort Worth. He also has a 10 year old 2-legged sister that just adores pugs. He’s settled in and is really living the good life now. Hooray for Macaroni!

Marshall – Sweet Marshall is now living with his new mom and dad and 14 year old pug sister in Coppell. His awesome video wowed his adoring fans and this lucky family jumped at the chance to welcome this sweet guy into their home. He’s doing well and fitting in very well. Yay for Marshall!

Uncle Rocky – Foster failure alert! The Scotch family has fallen for this sweet guy and just can’t stand to have him leave their home. Congrats, Uncle Rocky and Scotch family!!!

Puddin’ – Puddin (now named Pearl) is now living with her new mom and dad in Arlington. They met this sweet girl at the senior adoption event and just fell for her. They love to travel and even have their truck tricked out to make traveling with a pug much easier. Puddin’ is going to have a great life with this sweet couple. Happy tails, sweet little girl!

Cooper and Tyler – This sweet couple of guys finally did it! They found a forever home TOGETHER! They are now living with their new family in Carrollton who had recently lost their 18 year old cairn terrier to the Bridge. Now, there’s a couple of handsome, loving pug boys romping in this home…bringing lots of pug love along with them. So happy for Cooper and Tyler!!!

Bettina – Bettina is now living with her new family, Boston terrier brother, pug brother, and Boston terrier sister in Dallas. This family has an affinity for pugs with vision impairment and knows exactly how to handle any special needs that they might have. Bettina worked her magic on them and they fell in love with her immediately. Hooray for Bettina!

Wizard – Wizard is now living with his new family and rescued Boston terrier mix in Fort Worth. Wizard came to us when he was just a wee little baby with severe eye damage. He was nursed back to health by Tim and Glynna and now has a forever home of his very own. Have a fantastic life, Wizard!

Jazz-Min – Jazz-Min is now living with her new family and 2 beagle sisters in Southlake. Sweet Jazz-Min went on the meet and greet, worked her puggie magic, and the rest is history! She is sleeping tonight for the first time in her forever home and I know that they love her already. Happy tails, Jazz-Min!

Kiki – Kiki is now living with her new mom, dad, and 5 year old 2-legged sister in Arlington. They have been waiting for a while to find a pug to welcome into their home and Kiki fit the bill! They are so smitten with Kiki that they are even thinking of adding to their pug pack in the future. Hooray for Kiki!