Moni and Spiker – Moni and Spiker are now living with their mom, dad, 2-legged brother and sister in Austin. This family had to send their 17-year-old pug to the Bridge a couple of years ago and decided that it was time to open their home to another pug….or two! They fell in love with this bonded pair online and came up to meet them. Hooray for Moni and Spiker!

Arley – Arley is now living with his new dad in Plano. His dad did his research for a long time and decided that a pug was the dog for him. He met Arley and just adores him! He thinks that he’s just the perfect pug and best friend. Yay, Arley!

Electra  Electra is now living with her family (and 2-time past DFWPRC adopters) and her pug brother and sister in Lewisville. She’s fitting in great with their little pug pack and adjusting perfectly. Happy tails, Electra!

Nanook – Nanook is now living with his new mom, dad, and 2-legged brothers in Fort Worth. This family has been interested in the pug breed for some time and just knew that a pug would be a great addition to their family. Nanook came right into their home and fit right in. He loves going on early morning walks with his mom and the kids just adore him. Way to go, Nanook!

Fat Boy – Fat Boy is living with his new family in Crandall, TX. His mom had a pug in the past and just couldn’t wait to get another lovable pug in the home. Yay, Fat Boy!

Parker – Parker is now living with his new mom and dad in North Richland Hills. Sadly, this family had to send their akita to the Bridge shortly before adopting Parker. They have had several pugs in the past and were so happy to welcome Parker home. They love him dearly and he has helped them heal after the loss of their akita. Hooray for Parker!

Atlas – Atlas is now living with his dad in Irving. He is making himself right at home and doing great! His dad is over-the-moon with Atlas and couldn’t be happier. Way to go, Atlas!

Chibeaux – Chibeaux is now living with his new mom in Fort Worth. She has wanted a pug for a very long time and was now able to make her pug dreams come true. She has a dog loving family and Chibeaux was even able to participate in his first “family dog Christmas” celebration. Happy tails, Chibeaux!

Royce – Royce is now living with his new family in Dallas. This family has had a pug before and Royce’s picture on the website reminded them so much of the pug that they once had. They were so happy to adopt a senior pug and give him a home. So happy for Royce!

Ricky Bobby – Ricky Bobby is now living with his new family and 9 year old lab sister in Dallas. This family knew that they wanted to share their home with him from the moment that they laid eyes on him and adopted him straight from the clinic. Love at first sight! Yay, Ricky Bobby!

Milah – Milah is now living with her new mom, dad and vizsla sister in Fort Worth. She now has a playmate to burn some of that energy off with! Have a fantastic life, Milah!

Mavis – Mavis is now known as Lulu and is living with her new mom, dad, 2-legged sisters and lab brother, Jake, in The Woodlands. They, too, have wanted a pug to share their life with and Lulu fit the bill. She’s doing great and was able to spend Christmas in her new hom. Happy tails, Lulu!

Rolo – Rolo is now living with his new family and pug sister in Cleburne. Annette took him over on Christmas Eve with a big red bow and they couldn’t have been happier. Yay for Rolo!

Mr. Fletch – Mr. Fletch is now living with his new mom, dad and lab brother in Little Rock. This sweet couple called me immediately after I emailed them pictures of sweet Mr. Fletch…in tears..knowing that he was their pug. They drove in from Little Rock and drove home with their new baby. Have a fantastic life, Mr. Fletch!

Peso – We have another foster failure on our hands! Peso’s foster mama, Stephanie, has decided that Peso needs to be with her and her family….FOREVER! Congrats, Stephanie and Peso! Thank you for loving her!

Miley Sue – Sweet Miley Sue is now living with her mom and friend that many of you might know…Niki at VCA…in Van Alstyne. When Miley Sue came to us, she had skin issues and was heartworm positive. Niki fell in love with that lovely lady and has been nursing her back to health. Hooray for Niki and Miley Sue!

Channing – Well, we have another foster failure on our hands! Annette has decided that she just can’t let Channing go…and something tells me that Channing is completely fine with that decision. Congrats, Annette and Channing!

Hoosier – Hoosier is now living with his new family and 10-year-old pug sister in Plano. These nice people met some of our volunteers at the Pet Expo and went home and filled out an application. They saw Hoosier on our website and fell in love with that sweet black mug. He is doing well in his new home and his mom says that he is just the perfect puggie boy. Happy tails, Hoosier!

Clio – Clio is now living with her new family and pug brother in Grand Prairie. Her puggie brother, Tubbo, was adopted from DFWPRC 1 1/2 years ago and the family thought that it was time for him to have a sister. She is doing well and playing and snuggling with Tubbo. Yay for Clio!

Kip – Kip is now living with his new family…mom, dad, and two 2-legged brothers…in Roanoke. This family had been looking for a dog to adopt and, after doing their homework, decided that a pug was the way to go. Smart people! They met and adopted Kip and they are over the moon! Happy pug….happy family….hooray!

Cameo – Cameo is now living with her new family…mom, dad, and 2-legged brother and sister…in Dallas. This family have family members that had a pug and they thought that a pug would be just perfect for them, too. They met Cameo and knew that she was the pug for them. Have a fantastic life, Cameo!

Kiki – Sound the foster failure alarm! We have another one on our hands! Constance and Bob have decided that Kiki needs to live with them and their black pug, Nibbler, forever! Nibbler has a girlfriend! Congrats, Connie, Bob, Nibbler and Kiki!

Calee – And ANOTHER foster failure! Sweet Calee has been in the loving hands of Sara since she came into rescue…emaciated, sick, and needing love. Sara was exactly what Calee needed. Calee will get to spend the rest of her days exactly where she wants to be. Hooray for Calee!!!

Baby – Baby is now living with her new mom, dad and pug pack in New Mexico. This wonderful couple has been involved in the pug world since 1982 and has been involved in pug related groups and rescue work in California and New Mexico. They currently have 4 pugs….a 10 year old female, an 8 year old female, an 8 year old male, and a 3 year old male. They saw Baby’s picture online and knew that they needed to up their number of pugs to 5. They drove in this week to meet and adopt Baby. It was love at first sight! So, Baby, the beautiful senior gal, is living the good life in New Mexico with her new pug-loving family. Happy tails, Baby!

Kia – Kia is now living with her new mom in Arlington. Her mom attended Pug-O-Ween and knew that she needed to have a pug of her very own. She filled out an application, saw Kia online, and wanted to meet her. The rest is history! So, tonight Kia will be spending her first night in her new home. So happy for Kia!

Kady – Kady is now living with her mom, dad, three 2-legged siblings, and German shep brother in Northlake. This family has been wanting a cuddly little pug for quite a while and just adore sweet Kady. Hooray for Kady!

Dugan – Dugan is now living with his family, lab brother and sister, and cat brother in McKinney. This sweet family was so excited to meet Dugan…despite my terrible editing job of his picture on the website which gave him odd, greenish eyes. lol So, they met Dugan…saw that he, in fact, did not have green eyes…and fell in love! Have a fantastic life, Dugan!

Jackie O – Jackie O is living with her new mom and 2-legged brother in Joshua. She loves sleeping in the bed with her new mom and having family cuddle time. Jackie O is so happy to get all of the attention of her new home….happy tails, Jackie O!

Eastwood – Eastwood is now living with his new family, 2 pug brothers, and airedale brother in Azle. He fit right in at his meet and greet and the family just knew that he was their boy. And Eastwood’s new best friend is……the airedale! Have a fantastic life, Eastwood!

Jake – Jake is living with his new mom in Wichita Falls. She has been wanting a pug to love and share her life. She drove down to meet handsome Jake and he was the one for her! Hooray for Jake!

Sangria – Sangria is now living with her new mom in Grapevine. After finishing up heartworm treatment and then healing from FHO surgery, she was finally ready to go home. Her mom came to Pug-O-Ween looking for a pug to adopt and when she saw pictures of Sangria, she knew that she wanted to wait for her. Finally, Sangria was able to go home and enjoy all of the love that has been waiting for her. Have a fantastic life, Sangria!

Charlotte Ann – Sweet, shy, Charlotte Ann. Charlotte Ann came to us and was heartworm positive. She went through heartworm treatment and was finally available for adoption. She’s a 9-year-old girl and didn’t have much interest from many applicants. Because she’s a little on the shy side, she didn’t stand out at the senior adoption event. And then comes her angel…..all the way from ALASKA! Her new mom had been looking to adopt a sweet little pug….that was small enough to make the flight home with her in the cabin….that she could love, cuddle, and watch blossom in her home. She has a little male pug up in Alaska, but there weren’t many opportunities for her to adopt up there. Because she has family in the DFW area, she is here from time to time. She decided that this was the trip to bring a pug home. She met Charlotte Ann and fell in love. She left the meet and greet to go back to where she was staying and just couldn’t get Charlotte Ann out of her mind. Charlotte Ann was just hanging on her heart. So, she went back to see her again and it was like coming home. She knew….and Charlotte Ann knew. They boarded the flight….First Class…home to Alaska. I got a text message picture of them on their stop in Seattle and Charlotte was doing great with the trip! The home that she is going to is amazingly pug friendly and I know that she’s going to have a fabulous life. Happy tails, sweet Charlotte Ann!

Wallis – Another FOSTER FAILURE to report! Wallis worked her way into the hearts of the Gray family and they can’t stand to part with her. Congrats, Wallis and family!